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Featured Photographers


Lauren Woods mainly models for photographers who specialize in petite,  glamour, parts, and promotional model work. From a unique profile look to a finessed dance line, all parts are highlighted to tell the story through the lens.


Johanna Siegmann

Johanna Siegmann is an award-wining photographer, and daughter of a well-known sculptor. Her images incorporate the richness of textures, colors, and shadows of classic masters she's studied. And with over 30 years in theater - performing, writing, and directing, she honed her skills at communicating with a wide range of individuals, infusing her images with drama and emotion. She specializes in portraiture and architecture, and is always looking for people with interesting pets for her passion project.

To see more of Johanna's work, visit her webpage:


Stephane Hamel, a french photographer, based in Los Angeles, but mostly travels all around the world capturing action and posed moments mainly in his signature black and white filter.

To see more of his work, visit his Facebook page:


Hai-Ho Tran

Hai-Ho Tran photographer, currently based in San Francisco is know for catching moments through dance, social interaction and recapturing colorful noir with Lauren Woods as his Muse. 

To see more of Hai-Ho's work, visit his Website:


Mike Humphries

Mike Humphries photographer, born in the US and currently based in Orange County is passionate about dance and capturing every moment, line, smile and grace. He started working with Lauren on more commercial and theatrical looks as well as keeping his signature style, capturing the beautiful forms in dance interpretated through Lauren.

To see more of Mike Humphries' work, visit his website: