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Through Lauren's journey as a dancer, singer and model, she also created a jewelry line that started as Dragon Stone Jewelry and later became LWArtiste jewelry which showcases semi precious stones and rocks. Lauren's love for stones, healing and creating through her hands allowed her to help energetically charge people through fashion by understanding the different effects these precious jewels can have. Her attention to detail using different combinations of stone and metal brings her pieces into a modern setting with today's fashion influences.


Lauren started a jewelry company called Dragon Stone jewelry brought together through love of stones, mythology, and jewelry. Lauren later transferred her jewelry store and brand to LWArtiste. She now sells LWArtiste Jewelry.


She uses stones in ways to help energetically charge and help people to understand the different effects these precious jewels can have. Along the way the beauty and attention to detail also were important as sheconcocted different combinations of stone and metal setting with today's fashion influences.

jewelry vendor at milonga venue

Lauren Woods mainly showcases her LWArtiste Jewelry  items at Argentine tango nightly venues called, "Milongas"

You can always go to her LWArtiste Facebook page to find out more on where she will be selling next.

Three tier necklace black and red

Lauren showcased her jewelry through Dragon Stone Jewelry's online store in Etsy. Now Lauren will feature her LWArtiste jewelry here! Coming soon!

White lace with citrine faceted stones

To learn more about Lauren's business as a jewelry designer, please check out her testimonials and her old creations, check out her former website.

This channel is coming soon!

LWArtiste Jewelry


Below: Custom made, sold, or is still on sale.